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Curled Parsley in PotsGrowing Vegetables in Containers

Planting in containers is particularly useful where space is restricted. Pots, troughs and growing-bags allow gardeners without time or room for a vegetable plot to grow fresh, tasty produce. Containers can be started in a glasshouse, conservatory or porch for early crops.

Aim for containers with a depth of at least 40cm (e.g 5 litre buckets), otherwise frequent watering and feeding will be needed. Organic growers who prefer not use liquid chemical fertilisers will get best results from mixing well-rotted manure into the potting media in the lower half of their containers. Typical vegetables for container growing include:

  • Japanese ParsleyBeetroot: sow in March with 10cm spacing. The young leaves can be used as ‘spinach’. Follow these with quick growing crops of late summer salads.
  • Broad beans: sow from February at 20cm spacing. The tops can be pinched out to reduce blackfly attacks and also for use as ‘greens’. When they come out in June follow with beetroot for late summer crops.
  • Carrots: sow cultivars from the Nantes or Amsterdam groups from February for June pullings, thinning to 8cm between plants. Cover with fleece from April to exclude carrot fly. After carrots, sow the pots with French beans to gather in September.
  • Herbs: parsley, for example, can be sown from March to be ready from June; coriander is also an attractive and popular crop. Repeat crops can be sown for late summer harvest.
  • Lettuces: mini lettuces such as ‘Little Gem’ and ‘Tom Thumb’ spaced at 15cm can be sown from January for June onwards crops. Follow these with leeks for the winter.
  • Peas: sow cultivars with edible pods from March; plant every 15cm. Gather these in June and follow with salad leaves for late summer.
  • Potatoes: plant early cultivars from March with one tuber for every 30cm of pot diameter
  • Salad onions: sow from February with 3cm between plants. Pull when they get big enough. By July, you should be able to re-sow with finger carrots for bunches of baby carrots in October.
  • Spinach: sow from February aiming for 10cm between plants. Spinach quickly runs to seed, so sow courgettes in June for late summer fruits.
  • Strawberries
Spinach growing in pots
Strawberries growing in pots
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