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Flowers for Bees

Inspecting BeesBeekeeping on Allotments

With the loss of so many bees local councils should support bee stocks on allotments as much as possible.

Try to arrange for the bee hives to be sited in a remote area of the allotment site away from other plot holders.

Limit the number of bee colonies in any area. Do not allow the strength of colonies to increase to swarming strength in an unmanaged way.

Ensure that the flight path to/from the bee hives is not directly across other plots. Encourage the bees to rise in excess of 6 feet / 1.8 metre before leaving the plot by the use of screening. For example by natural hedging, wooden fencing or fine plastic / wire mesh screening.

Manipulation and inspection of the bee hives should be done at times when the bees are very active, thus leaving fewer in the hive. Do not handle the bees when other people are gardening in the immediate vicinity.

Always ensure there are other people on the allotment site in case of emergency when handling bee hives.

Fuschia - Flowers for beesInexperienced beekeepers should not keep colonies of bees on the allotment without ensuring that the novice will have the benefit of guidance by an experienced beekeeper.

When on holiday make adequate arrangements to ensure that any problems caused by the bees can be resolved. A contact number should be displayed if an emergency should arise.

Consider becoming a member of a local Beekeeping Association. Membership of a Beekeeping Association can provide members with third party / public liability insurance through their affiliation to the British Beekeepers' Association.

Note that membership of the British Beekeepers Association, does not give insurance cover to Scottish members. Scottish beekeepers need to be members of the Scottish Beekeepers Association for Public Liability Insurance.

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