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Vorwerk Black HeadVorwerk Chickens

Vorwerks are a dual-purpose chicken suitable for both meat and egg production. Vorwerk hens are good layers of cream coloured eggs, and will produce approximately 170 in a year.

Vorwerks are hardy, adaptable birds with economical appetites. In temperament, they are alert and active, but not necessarily flighty.

In terms of plumage, their head, neck and tail are solid black, with the rest a buff colour. The ideal of breed standards call for no black spotting in the buff areas, but in practice this is very difficult to breed. Vorwerks have a single comb, slate grey underfluff, and white earlobes.

Scots Grey HenThe Vorwerk is a breed of chicken originating in Germany. Rather than the white of the Lakenvelder, this chicken is sometimes called the Golden Lakenvelder, especially in North America.

Scots Grey Hen
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