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Sussex Bantam

Speckled Sussex Hens Eating GrassSussex Chickens

Sussex posess all the traditional beauty you could ask for with a wonderful character and docile temperament.

One of the oldest heavy, soft feather breeds, the Sussex makes an excellent, easy-to-live-with, dual-purpose option; plenty of tinted eggs and good for the table too.

The Sussex is right up there among the top pure breeds that people keep and rear for the table. Few others, can better its combination of meat-producing potential and egg-laying capacity.

As layers the Sussex remain at the top end of the scale among pure breeds. Laying potential is 200 eggs pa.

The Sussex chicken was created around 1900 in the county of Sussex, England. The original colours were the Brown, Red and Speckled. A popular colour is the Light Sussex.

The sussex breed has made a great contribution to the poultry industry and is even an ancestor to the modern broiler. Sussex is one of the oldest breeds of chicken that still exists today. They are a popular breed both for exhibitions and home poultry keepers for its family-friendly character and overall ease of ownership.

Whether you want eggs, a meat producer, a show bird or simply a bird that looks great in the garden, the Sussex ticks all the boxes.


Silver Sussex Bantam Cockerel
Sussex Bantam Trio
Sussex Bantam Female
Light Sussex Bantam Pullet

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