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Serama Chicken

Serama BantamSerama Bantams

Seramas are tiny, proud and pretty birds.

The Serama bantam is claimed to be the smallest and lightest bantam chicken in the world and, as such, offers enthusiasts the opportunity to keep reasonable numbers in an area that might otherwise appear insufficient for more conventional poultry breeds.

The Serama, in its present day form, is a comparatively young breed, although its ancesters go back a good deal further.

Today's bird was created in Malaysia by an enthusiastic breeder called Wee Yean Een, during the early 1970s. He apparently began with a Modern Game like bantam the Ayam Kapans, which he crossed with a Silkie to add in a more compact body and bone structure. It is not entirely clear what other breeds were incorporated in the breeding program.

Selling Eggs - White Shelled EggsPart of the Serama's attraction obviously is its appearance; the combination of its size and colour variations make them very pretty. These birds are real characters too and, with appropriate handling, will become extremely tame, making them ideal for the family environment.

Seramas are pretty easy to keep. Their size means that they can be kept perfectly happily in situations where overall space is at a premium.

Serama Female
Serama Hen
Serama Male
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