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6 Eggs in a Box

Selling Eggs for Profit

Keeping poultry is a relatively cheap hobby. Selling surplus eggs can help contribute towards the feed costs.

However, there is not much profit that can be made with 50 Hens. For example:

Welsummer EggsIf we produce an average of 36 eggs/day from 49 laying Hens and sell these at £1.20 for a box with 6 eggs then income would be £7.20/day, £50.40/week, £219/month and £2628/year.

Assuming feed costs is £7/20Kg then for 49 hens (Large Fowl) feeding is approx. £2.12/day, £14.84/week, £64/month and £770/year.

Ignoring all other costs and labour the "profit" is £5.08/day, £35.56/week, £155/month and £1858/year.

The home-producer is paying all but twice as much for poultry food as the commercial producer that supplies the supermarkets. The home-producer can reduce feed costs by growing your own poultry feed.

Home grown feed also provides a better egg quality and taste which, apart from freshness, is the greatest added-value aspect for the home-producer.

The real profit after other costs is considerably less.This simple calculation does not cover the costs of housing, welfare, feeders, drinkers, etc.

For a detailed calculation try the Poultry Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator.

Eggs for Sale
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