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Battery Hens

Forcing a naturally physical bird to spend her life in a cramped and stationary position causes numerous health problems such as: muscle degeneration, poor blood circulation, osteoprosis, and foot and leg deformities. Some hens meet a cruel and prolonged death when their bodies become lodged underneath the feeding trays or trapped in the wire of the cages. Use of these cages is not allowed in the EU.

Barn Hens

Barn hens are much better off then battery hens. However, severe overcrowding reduces the hens to “cannibalistic” pecking. The egg industry combats this problem, not by giving the hens more space, but by taking a hot blade and cutting off part of the chicken’s beak. Debeaking is an extremely painful process that is done without any pain killers.


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Rescue Hens

The BHWT and North London Hen Rescue often have good sources for rescue hens.

See also: Jamie Olivier about Battery Chickens

Brown Hens Brown Hens and Black Rock Hens
Free Range Chickens eating Vegetables
Rescue hens given free range
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