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Breeds of Chickens


Parasites can severely reduce the productivity of poultry and cause mortality in the most severe cases.

Parasites on poultry are a common problem in small flocks of birds. They often come in contact with the parasites or their eggs while foraging for food. The problems are less frequently encountered in commercial poultry flocks but treatments may also need implementing in these flocks.

Several pesticides provide protection against parasites. The product used and the method of administration is dependent on the parasite and type of housing conditions being used.

One of the most common, and potentially serious, causes of trouble is Red Mites. Red Mites are blood-feeding ecto-parasites that live in cracks and crevices in a chicken house away from daylight, coming out at night to hop onto a bird for a feast. Ecto-parasites attack or feed on the outside of the bird as opposed to endo-parasites (e.g. worms) which feed on the inside. There are many remedies available to help control Red Mites but as always prevention is better than cure. Not giving Red Mite somewhere to live is the best preventative measure. Clean coops and vigilance at all times is needed!

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