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Lakenvelder Chick at 1 month old

Modern Game Leggs

First Prize Chicken

Auction BuildingPoultry Auction Tips

  • Plan the amount of money to spend on new stock.
  • Check with the auction if credit cards are accepted or take sufficient cash.
  • Plan a maximum quantity of new birds for purchasing.
  • Ensure there is sufficient coop and run space for introducing new birds.
  • Create an area for separating the new birds from the existing flock for a guaranteeing period.
  • Prepare transport boxes for taking the birds home.
  • Take some food and water in case the birds need it after the auction.
  • Australorps LegsIf possible arrive early.
  • Check if there are any auction fees on top of the winning bid.
  • Check pens at least twice.
  • Examine the birds to purchase very closely.
    • Estimate the poultry age
    • Check if it is a Cockerel or Hen
    • Check for lice and mite
    • Check for scaly leg
    • Look for bright eyes
    • Check signs of distress
  • Make a note of the pen number and maximum price to bid.
  • If possible talk to the seller and get contact details before the auction.
  • For any birds purchased provide a drink of water and some food before transporting them home.
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