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Orpington HensOrpingtons

Orpingtons were developed in England at the town of Orpington in County Kent during the 1880s.

The original varieties come in black, white and buff. The other main varieties include Jubilee, Spangled, Cuckoo and Blue Orpingtons with several other colourings including Red, Partridge, Barred, Gold and Silver Laced.

Black and Buff Orpington HensThese large fowl are classified as heavy soft feather.

They are brown egg layers and are greatly admired when prepared and penned for showing.

The immense size of the Orpingtons and soft almost fluffy appearance together with their rich colour and gentle contours make them very attractive.

Blue Orpington HenTheir feathering allows them to endure cold temperatures better than some other breeds.

Orpingtons are at home on free range or in relatively confined situations; and are docile.

Hens exhibit broodiness and generally make good mothers.

Chicks are not very aggressive and are often the underdogs when several breeds are brooded together.

Orpington Bantam Hen
Buff Orpington Female
Orpington Hen
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