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Cheap Nesting Box with EggsChicken Nesting Boxes

Locate nestboxes in the lowest, darkest part of the house as hens like to lay their eggs in secret places. Nesting boxes for a standard sized hen are usually 18inch square.

Communal nest boxes with no partitions are useful as sometimes all the hens choose just one nestbox and queue up or all pile in together which is when eggs get broken. If possible make sure there is outside access for you to collect the eggs.

Litter in the nestboxes can be shavings or straw (not hay due to moulds) and if the nestboxes have a mesh base the fleas find it less welcoming. Keep the nest boxes clean adding louse powder each time they are cleaned out, adding the same to any dry dusting bathing areas.

A slope on the roof of the nestboxes helps to prevent roosting on the top of the nestbox. About 1 nestbox for every 5 birds is enough



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