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Black Minorca Chicken

Leghorns and other breedsLight Chicken Breeds

Light breeds are often described as being 'flighty'. The typical light breed is easily spooked and can be more awkward to handle than the traditionally more docile heavy breeds.

Light breeds also tend to eat less in comparison to the heavy breeds.

There is great variation in colours and types with many being imports to the UK. A good proportion have their roots in the Mediterranean region.

Most light breeds lay white or light coloured eggs. The White Leghorn still out-produces most breeds, but there are several other colours.

Other Mediteranean breeds are the Ancona (white spots on black), minorca and Andalusian (blue laced).

British breeds include the Derbyshire Redcap, Old English Pheasant Fowl, hamburg (pencilled or spangled), Scots Dumpy (short legs) and Scots Grey, all of which should have good utility attributes.

Within the Light Breeds are the Crested Breeds including the Poland, the Appenzeller, the Araucana (blue/green eggs) and that most fluffy of birds, the Silkie.

The Frizzle looks strange with its backward-curling feathers but is a decent layer.

Champion Minorca Male
Pretty Light Breed Cockerel
White Frizzle Female
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