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Black Female German LangshanGerman Langshan

The German Langshan is a breed of chicken developed from the imported Croad Langshan in Germany.

It is a large, robust breed of exceptional height. Though most often raised for show, it is a practical meat bird as well.

White German LangshanThe standard-sized German Langshan is uncommon in both The United States and United Kingdom, the bantam form, however, is popular in the latter.

The German Langshan is a large, heavy chicken: roosters weigh about 4 kilograms. The chickens have a contoured back and a relatively small tail.

With its long legs and upright posture the breed's profile is often likened to a wine glass. They have a single comb.

The German Langshan is most often found in only three colours: Black, Blue, and White; others are known, but are rather rare.

Black German Langshan HenGerman Langshans are strong, vital chickens that grow up fast. They lay cream-colored eggs which are quite large. Their weight hinders flight.

German Langshans can be tamed without much difficulty.

German Langshan Chicken
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