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Bantam with Bread

Feeding Bowl with Poultry PelletsFeeding Chickens

Feed your hens fresh grain or layers pellets. Grain in the form of wheat is a good diet but more protein and minerals are needed for optimal egg production. The finest and best value protein, as the hen can use it all and therefore needs less of it, is fishmeal.

Large fowl will eat about 4-6oz (110g-170g) per day, bantams need around 2-3oz (50g-85g), according to size.

Wheat and maize can be offered as a scratch feed to keep the birds active. Maize can come from ‘corn on the cob’. Maize is usually dried, cracked maize that is fed in mixed corn. As well as helping to colour egg yolks more yellow/orange, too much maize can colour the skin and turn white feathers ‘brassy’.

If they are not free range, green feed is always welcomed by the birds. Hang up vegetables and nettles to get the most benefit from them.

Instead of pellets, mash is more interesting for the hens - it takes longer to eat - but it can be wasteful and really needs to be contained in a proper hopper to prevent it from being scattered everywhere. Mash can also be mixed with warm water (especially in winter) and other foods.

Crushed oyster shell and limestone grit should be made available. Baked and crushed egg shells make a good supplement also.

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