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Egg Producer Records

Separate Records for each production description by house showing:

1. The date of placing, age at placing and number of laying hens.

2. The date of culling and the number of hens culled.

3. Daily egg production.

4. The number and / or weight of eggs sold per day or delivered daily by other means.

5. The names and addresses of purchasers.

Where a feeding method is indicated in accordance with Article 15 of 557/2007 producers shall record the following information, specifically for each feeding method used (e.g. Corn Fed or Four Grain):

i) the quantity and type of feed supplied or mixed on site;
ii) the date of delivery of feed.

6. Where a producer uses different farming methods on a single production site, the information referred to above shall be broken down by hen house.

Records must be kept on farm for at least 12 months after the flock has been disposed of and may be subject to inspection.

Black Bantam with Egg
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