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Black Croad LangshanCroad Langshan

The Croad Langshan is an old, heavy, soft-feathered chicken breed which probably originated in China.

The Croad Langshan is large in body, has a deep and long breast which is carried well forward; the back is rather long and sloping with the tail rising sharply from the back, giving the characteristic 'U' shape.

Croad LangshanThe head is small compared to the body size, the beak is light to dark horn in colour; the comb is medium-sized, single and carried upright in both sexes.

The shanks and outer toes are slightly feathered. In the original birds the males topped 10 lb/4.5 kg; today cocks weigh 9.5 lbs/3.75-4.25 kg and hens 7.5 lbs/3-3.5 kg. Hatching eggs should weigh at least 58g.

In the early 20th century Croad Langshans became a popular utility breed, doing well in laying trials. The hens lay 140-150 eggs a year and are good winter layers; the eggs are dark brown with a plum-coloured bloom.

The hens are excellent sitters and mothers. Croad Langshans are easily tamed and adapt well to both confinement and free range. They do well in sheltered conditions and dry soils but are not well suited to very exposed conditions.

Under suitable conditions they thrive well and are very productive. Their flesh is fine in texture and of excellent quality.

Recognised Croad Langshan varieties are black, white and blue.

Many other breeds were created using Langshan blood in the foundation matings. These include, for example, Barnevelders, Black Orpingtons, and Marans. Langshans still exist in China today.

Croad Langshan Female Black
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