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DIY Chicken Coop at AllotmentFree Chicken Coop made from Recycled Materials

Recycling saves energy, helps reduce pollution, conserves natural resources, reduces the need for landfill and will save money. A coop made from recycled materials might not be as durable as a new one but recycling is an important part of a sustainable lifestyle. It is important for the future of the planet that we all live 'sustainably' - i.e. make the best use of limited natural resources.

At allotments chickens can be kept on a financial shoe string with plenty of greens and a coop made cheaply from recycled material. There are many used materials that you can use to make a coop for chickens. E.g. pallets, logs, doll house. Consider recycling an old storage shed into a coop. An old gazebo can provide a rain cover. Chickens can live in a variety of surroundings.

Coop HatchCheck with friends and neighbours, ask around at construction sites for free material. It seems there is always someone with a need to dispose of old wood. If you are willing to invest a little time and effort a coop will cost almost nothing to build.

Note that coops made from wood can have hidden mould growing in the walls. Cracks and gaps in wood can also be hiding places for red mite. If you have red mite the best approach is to clear the affected coop out and treat it using one of the propriety products. If possible the coop is rested without chickens for at least three months to break the mite cycle.

Plastic coops are easy to clean but may need extra bedding material and insulation during the winter. For example, a one inch layer of wood shavings is sufficient in summer but in winter a two inch layer may be required at times of frost.

Chicken Coop made from Recycled Materials
Position the coop so that the entrance is sheltered from direct rain and wind.
Allotment Chicken Pen
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