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Bantam drinking waterHow to Stop a Chicken being Bullied?

To stop bullying give the chickens plenty things to occupy themselves and provide distractions.

  • Hang a cabbage or other vegetable from a string for pecking at.
  • Put a large item in the run to form a partition where they can dodge around.
  • Place plenty of toys or furniture in the run for jumping on
  • Hang up CDs.
  • Change objects in the run often to give them something new to explore.
  • Prune a large branch with leaves. The chickens will pull all the leaves off and sit on it.
  • Find something for them to rip up like a bale of straw or a soggy log to peck at.
  • Provide enough space in the run for the bullied hen to get away from the others.

Make sure the bullied hen can get access to food and water. If required provide multiple feeding and drinking places where the bullied hen can eat and drink without harrasment.

If there is a real bullying ringleader she could be removed and kept in a cage or seperate run for a week or so. This will give the other hens time to settle their pecking order. When replacing the ringleader back in the run with others it may help to put a beak bit on her so that she cannot pull any feathers out.


Hen eating Pellets from Feeder
Bantams distracted by eating greens
Bantam Hybrids
Bantam Hybrids

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