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Black Belgian d'Anver Hen

Barbu d'Anvers Hen

Norm quail barbu d'anversBelgian d'Anver Bantams

The Belgian d'Anver varieties are often referred to as 'quail' bantams. These true bantams were first developed in the Anver region of Belgium. The Belgian d'Anver bantams are tiny, and suited to a more intensive, indoor system.

They are known by such names as Antwerp Belgian quail, or Barbu D'Anvers quail.

The quail bantams are bred in a variety of colors including quail, porcelain, black, blue, buff, cuckoo, white, mottled and mille fleur.

Belgian d'Anver Bantams PulletNorm quail barbu d'anvers maleThe Belgian d'Anver have rose combs and are clean legged and bearded.

The Belgian d'Anver hens are friendly and good brooders, but the cocks can be very aggressive. They are great fliers so containment can be an issue.

Norm Quail Barbu D'Anvers
Black Barbu D'Anvers
Barbu D'Anvers Hen
Norm quail barbu d'anvers Cockerel
Barbu d'anvers Hen
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