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Barn Eggs

Barn egg production units must be equipped so that all laying hens have:

Stocking density:

  • not greater than 9 hens per m 2 usable area


  • linear feeders providing 10cm per bird or
  • circular feeders providing at least 4cm per bird


  • continuous drinking troughs providing 2.5cm per hen or
  • circular drinking troughs providing 1cm per hen or
  • nipple drinkers or cups so that there shall be at least 1 drinker for every 10 hens


  • at least one nest for every 7 hens or
  • at least 1m 2 of group nest space for a maximum of 120 hens


  • at least 15 centimetres of perch space for each hen
  • 30cm of horizontal space between perches and
  • 20cm between perches and the wall
  • perches must not be mounted above the litter


  • 250cm 2 of litter area per hen
  • the litter occupying at least one third of the ground surface

Multi level units:

  • no more than 4 levels
  • hens can move freely between levels
  • the headroom between levels must be at least 45cm
  • the drinking and feeding facilities must be distributed in such a way as to provide equal access to all hens
  • the levels must be arranged as to prevent dropping falling on the levels below
Brown Bantam
Hen trying for a dustbath on sand
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