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Brahma Bantam

Hybrid Silkie BantamsNewCastle Disease (ND)

Acute rapid spreading contagious respiratory disease of birds of all ages. Highly fatal to young chicks.

All birds of all ages, humans, and other mammals are susceptible to ND. May cause eye infections in persons working in labs or on vaccination teams.

Transmission can be airborne or introduced on contaminated shoes, caretakers, feed deliverers, visitors, tires, dirty equipment and wild birds.

ND is passed in the egg, but ND infected embryos die before hatching.

Clinical signs are sudden onset; rapid spread through the flock. Discomfort, hoarse chirp, chilling, watery discharge from nostrils, labored breathing and gasping, facial swelling, paralysis, trembling and twisting of the neck (CNS symptoms).

Lesions are facial edema (fluidic swelling) in young chick's, congestion and hemorrhage in all tissues; cloudy air sac's, exudates in the lungs and windpipe and acute inflammation of all air passages.

No specific treatment, but antibiotics are run for 3 to 5 days to prevent secondary bacterial infections (e.coli). Prevention is with vaccination.

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