A Framework for Model-Based Adaptive Training

Training Research - Synopsis

The overall aim of this research work is to define a framework, consisting of a set of specification and realisation methods, for model-based intelligent training agents in changing industrial training situations. In summary, the contribution of this work includes:

  • A flexible framework designed for model-based adaptive training application . The framework is designed for industrial training solutions using a generic model-based training system architecture (Figure 1-1).
  • Relating task features and training needs to the properties of training units in a model-based training framework which separate the knowledge that is to be taught, called subject expertise, from the way that it is to be taught, called training expertise.
  • The explicit mapping of a model-based training application as a set of problem spaces, training tasks and problem solving methods with a tool set approach for distinct knowledge representations.
  • The tight integration of trainer tasks and trainer methods to multiple modelling dimensions in a model-based training framework.

The remaining chapters are organised as follows.

Chapter 2 describes related work and the substructure of the MOBAT specification framework. This chapter is a necessary prerequisite to the understanding of the MOBAT theory. Chapter 3 reviews the background methodologies including the ITSIE project for modelling dimensions. The set of concepts identified in chapter 2 and the methodologies from chapter 3 form the basis for the MOBAT framework. Multiple experiments are needed to provide an evaluation of a specification framework as industrial solutions demand an adaptable and repeatable methodology. With initial prototyping experiments, chapter 4 presents a specification framework called Proto-MOBAT. Chapter 5 and 6 present several extensions for the MOBAT specification and realisation methods based on application analysis and experiments. Chapter 7 presents a trainee profile specification and summarises the resulting MOBAT framework. Chapter 8 provides general conclusions and makes suggestions for further work.

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