A Framework for Model-Based Adaptive Training

The MOBIT Project and MOBAT Extension

This research is extending the project Model Based Intelligent Training. MOBIT is a collaborative project and is being undertaken as part of the DTI/EPSRC Advanced Technology Programme in Intelligent Systems Integration.

To distinguish the specification framework in this report from the MOBIT project, and to indicate a specific emphasis on adaptability, the acronym MOBAT (MOdel-Based Adaptive Training) will be used. The MOBAT framework advances the intelligent training techniques of the MOBIT project.

The main components within the training system architecture to be considered by the MOBIT project and the MOBAT research work are very much alike; any differences will be pointed out.

The four partners in the MOBIT project are: Scottish Nuclear Limited, Digital Equipment Scotland Limited, Scomagg Limited and Heriot-Watt University. The project objectives are:

  • Develop a generic model based training system;
  • Produce a supporting specification methodology;
  • Produce a set of software tools;
  • Identify and support multiple representations of the domain expertise knowledge;
  • Construct two demonstrator systems.

A detailed MOBIT description can be found in [Slater, Brown, van de Brug & Brown 1994, MOBIT 1994, W6]. MOBIT sets out to tackle training problems with an flexible architecture and a ‘tool set’ approach that can be used for complex industrial problems. Interacting models of the subject domain, the trainee and a domain expert are used.

If training objectives change due to new training requirements, the target audience changes or various other constraints imposed by the industrial environment change, then the appropriate models can be adjusted without a complete redevelopment of the system.

This model based approach permits training to be performed at the appropriate pace for each trainee or for targeted retraining. This section presents an overview of the training system detailing the main components and what their purposes and functionality are.

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