A Framework for Model-Based Adaptive Training

Model-based - Summary

The construction of an adaptive model-based training system involves a large number of factors and subtle issues. This work is difficult and time consuming therefore requires a strong framework to provide guidance on how to select and apply the appropriate models. One of the main problems is relating features from the tasks a trainee is expected to learn (to perform), to the realisation of appropriate (multiple) models.

Through experiments using a power generating plant domain, a framework called Proto-MOBAT has been created which is presented in this chapter. The framework starts with a set of training objectives which are typical for the specification of any training course, whether delivered by computers or other means.

The training objectives are decomposed into a training goal hierarchy via task analysis. The subject specific tasks at the base level of this hierarchy are linked to a choice of generic tasks [Leitch & Gallanti 1992].

The training objectives are mapped into a structure of problem spaces and each objective is linked to a specific goal expertise level [Rasmussen 1986].

Trainee characterisation with preferred learning modes from the ITSIE project is expanded to determine training strategies based on trainee ability, experience, confidence and motivation.

A training unit specification leads to the design of different types of domain models at the knowledge level and symbol level. The ITSIE and MOBIT view on ‘types of models’ as levels of abstraction are extended with guidelines for conceptual structures that can be imposed on the domain knowledge.

Types of models are further identified with explicit problem solving methods [van de Brug et al. 1986] for associative models and weak methods [Laird et al. 1987] for principled models.

The expert agent is presented as reasoning about subject specific domains and the trainer agent is presented as a generic component for reasoning about the trainee using a trainee model. The outcome of Proto-MOBAT is an initial structure for a model-based training framework.

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