A Framework for Model-Based Adaptive Training

Model-based - Introduction

The aim of this chapter is to define an initial training specification framework. The primary methodology resulted from research performed in parallel with the MOBIT project from November 1993 to November 1994. The training subject area in this chapter is a basic power generating plant model in the MOBIT project, called PROMO.

The subject domain has been chosen to fulfill several objectives. The subject data has been made sufficiently simple to minimise learning effort about the problem domain and to ensure that effort is focused on developing the innovative aspects of the demonstrator design and methodology.

The demonstrator centres around a dual purpose subject area. It serves as a research vehicle to train plant operators in the procedures for operation while it also provisions training for technicians to repair and debug the electronic circuit board which controls the power generating plant. Section 4.3 describes this basic power generating system. The aspects of research relevant for the model-based training framework are called Proto-MOBAT (see Figure 4-1).

A set of training objectives is defined in Section 4.4. These objectives are broken down with task analysis, task decomposition and task specification in Section 4.5. The area of expertise (i.e., problem space) and expected level of performance are specified in Section 4.6. A characterisation of target trainees is analysed in Section 4.7. Sufficient information to define training modules (called training units) now exists as shown in Section 4.8.

Design and implementation of types of domain expert models at the knowledge level and symbol level is discussed in Section 4.9. The specification of a generic trainer agent realisation at the knowledge level and symbol level is proposed in Section 4.10. A training scenario based on training unit realisation in expert and trainer agents is presented in Section 4.11.

Proto-MOBAT Framework Overview

Figure 4-1 Proto-MOBAT Framework Overview

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