A Framework for Model-Based Adaptive Training

Accuracy: How near the model description is to a reference model

For each concept hierarchy in Workmanship-MOBAT, the training system can determine an appropriate range.

The accuracy of a model can be described by the range within a description hierarchy of training properties in the subject domain. If the range is specified in such a way that the particular information needed for the problem at hand (the task) is not covered by the training properties, then the model is inaccurate.

If the range specified covers the problem at hand then the model is accurate. The accuracy is depending on how closely the specified range is covering the problem at hand.

In Workmanship-MOBAT, the accuracy range is adjusted by the trainer agent depending on the training strategy. For a discovery training strategy the full range of a concept hierarchy is made available to the trainee. For a tutoring strategy, the range is typically limited to cover exactly the concept related to the task at hand; concentrating on the concept of interest and ignoring all other details. For coaching and facilitating strategies, the range is varied according to trainee performance.

The training system typically selects a range which covers the concept for a particular task, with at least one higher abstract level and one detailed level below the required concept.

For example, in the hierarchy of (b1)Solder Þ (b2)Soldering Þ (b3) Solder Impurities Þ (b4)Solder Masking Þ (b5) Solder Paste Þ (b6) Solder Projection, and the training task (to Inspect (Solder Masking)), the typical accurate range in the model is b3-b5.

The higher abstract level (b3) provides the trainee with a way of reviewing a higher level concept as needed and the lower level detail (b5) is useful for a trainee wishing to explore a further detailed level of understanding.

A range of b1-b3 or b5-b6 is an inaccurate model for this task. A deliberate instructional choice for presenting an inaccurate model is also possible but no training scenarios in Workmanship-MOBAT have been developed for using inaccurate models.

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