A Framework for Model-Based Adaptive Training

Training System Implementation Language

Since all of the MOBAT experiments have been implemented with the RuleWorks language it is useful to provide a brief introduction of the structure and semantics of the language. RuleWorks is a general programming language which includes functionality found in rule-based tools such as CLIPS and OPS5 [Cooper & Wogrin 1988]. For this research work, the author has extended the tool with SOAR-like functionality [Laird et al. 1987]. Readers who are familiar with these languages may choose to skip this section.

The distinguishing components of the language are a set of inference rules or productions, a global database, and an interpreter that supervises the “firing” of the appropriate rule in accordance with the (problem solving) state of the global database. A production rule is characterised by the form antecedent Þ consequent and is similar to “if-then” statements used in many computer programming languages.

The antecedent, or the “if” part of the production rule, is typically made up of one or more conditions elements which classify a part of the problem solving state. The consequent, or the “then” part of the production rule, consists of a number of action elements that can manipulate the problem solving state.

Each rule condition and action element is delimited by parentheses, and condition elements are separated from action elements by an arrow. Within an element, the first word denotes the element object class or action type; the attributes are indicated by “^”, with a value or expression following each attribute. Variables are indicated by angle brackets (for example, <name>). Variables with the same name must match within a rule but not across rules. A condition element preceded by a minus sign “-” indicates that there must be no element that matches the condition. The first condition element in a rule starting with “gc” is a goal-context element which controls problem solving steps.

Examples of production rules will be given for the MOBAT realisation experiments.

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