A Framework for Model-Based Adaptive Training

Framework - Conclusion

The MOBAT framework supports the “engineering” view of software. The training problem is broken into manageable and replaceable components, thus making it easier to design and maintain the application system.

The important aspects that guide the design of a MOBAT computer application can be summarised in three areas:

  1. a set of training unit properties which specify the knowledge that is to be taught (called subject expertise) and the way that it is to be taught (called training expertise);

  2. the subject expertise is represented as a set of problem-spaces, tasks and problem solving methods where each space can adhere to a distinct model representation; and,

  3. the training expertise is represented as a set of generic trainer tasks and trainer methods which are capable of operating on multiple modelling dimensions.

The integration of these three areas provide a new framework for Model-Based Adaptive Training.

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