A Framework for Model-Based Adaptive Training

List of Abbreviations

AI Artificial Intelligence
CBL Component Based Learning
CBT Computer Based Training
DTI Department of Trade and Industry
EGL Event Graph Language
EPSRC Engineering Physical Science and Research Council
GTE Generic Tutoring Engine
ITS Intelligent Tutoring Systems
ITSIE Intelligent Training Systems for Industrial Environments
KADS Knowledge-based Analysis and Design
KBS Knowledge Based System
MOBAT Model Based Adaptive Training
MOBIT Model Based Intelligent / Industrial Training
PTH Plated Through Hole (in a Printed Circuit Board)
QUIC Qualitative Industrial Control
RIME R1's Implicit Made Explicit
RBL Rule Based Language
SM Surface Mount (in a Printed Circuit Board)
SOAR State Operator And Result
TU Training Unit
WWW World Wide Web
XCON eXpert CONfigurator system (also called R1)
XML eXtensible Markup Language
Flower Show
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