Provided below are file packages containing the RuleWorks product and example files.

  • Download the file for your chosen environment.

  • Extract the files.
    • In the Windows environment use a ZIP tool.
    • In both the Unix and Linux environments use the TAR facility.
    • In the OpenVMS environment use the UNZIP facility available on the the OpenVMS FreeWare CD.

    Extracting the files will create a directory structure as follows:
    . - Contains General Public License (HTML format)
    \BIN - Contains compiler and Help file. (+ CLD file in OpenVMS)
    \EXAMPLES - Contains example files.
    \INCLUDE - Contains header files.
    \LIBRARY - Contains run-time library.

    Packaged Product

    Intel Linux Alpha Linux
    Intel Windows Alpha Windows
    Alpha Tru64 Unix
    Alpha OpenVMS VAX OpenVMS
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