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Digital DEC AlphaServer 2100 ( VMS / NT / Unix )

AlphaServer 2100 systems are Alpha symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) PCI/EISA-based servers. They offer support for OpenVMS, Digital UNIX, and Windows NT, and are suitable for general-purpose commercial, high-performance application and database, and PC LAN Superserver computing environments.

  • Up to four 64-bit 300 MHz processors
  • Up to 2 GB ECC memory (1 GB for 4-CPU model)
  • Up to 68.8 GB internal
    (610 GB total) storage
    Cabinet: 172 GB internal (650 GB total) storage
  • Up to 4 MB ECC cache /processor
  • Choice of operating systems: Tru64 UNIX, OpenVMS or Windows NT

AlphaServer 2100 systems can be configured with up to four processors of the same speed for symmetric multiprocessing. The systems support up to 2 GB of memory and 64 GB of internal disk storage.

The system bus bandwidth is 667 MB/second and the high-performance PCI I/O subsystem has a peak bandwidth of 132 MB/second. The 33 MB/ second EISA I/O bus supports a variety of industry-standard EISA options.

AlphaServer 2100 systems supports StorageWorks storage devices. High-availability features, including internal RAID and hot swap of disks, offer data security in mission-critical environments. RAID levels supported are 0 (striping), 1 (shadowing), 0+1 (striped shadowing), and 5 (striping with parity).

Digital DEC AlphaServer 2100 - Front

Digital DEC AlphaServer 2100 ( VMS / NT / Unix )

AlphaServer 2000, AlphaServer 2100, and AlphaServer 2100A pedestal systems support wide (16-bit) SCSI devices. Wide SCSI disks improve the performance of applications that need very high bandwidth I/O data transfers.

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