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  1. Do you have any tips for selling property?
  2. Should you Fix your Mortgage Rate for 25 Years?

1. Do you have any tips for selling property? Page Top
(1) First Impressions count! Oil door hinges, stop squeaky floorboards with talcum powder, replace washers on dripping taps and missing hooks on the curtains. Fix all those things that you never got around to doing.
(2) Tidy up! Clutter can be distracting to people trying to visualise living in your home. Pack as much as possible in boxes and seal down the lids and stack them (in the garage & not the spare room) ready for moving.
(3) House buyers may drive-by before they pick the houses to view. Make yours stand out by painting the door, planting window boxes or tubs of colourful flowers, and ensure the house number is visible from the road.
(4) Keep the hall clean, light and clutter free. Make sure you have replaced the bulbs in light fittings. Adding a mirror can make a dark hall seem much lighter and bigger. Do not paint the hall a dark colour.
(5) Dust or vacuum cobwebs on the ceiling away especially around light fittings. If your ceiling has any damage, it is worth spending a money putting it right. It does not have to cost much.
(6) Dry or steam-cleaning the curtains really does lift the room and it removes all those built-up odours. Replace old-fashioned nets with muslin drapes or blinds. Replacing curtains with blinds opens up the room.
(7) Wash down emulsioned walls with a soft cloth and some detergent and touch up damaged areas. Stick down lifting edges of wallpaper. If re-decorating to sell, use neutral light colours like cream, pale yellow and white
(8) Get carpets cleaned. If they are wearing thin, pull them up. Bare floorboards and a rug can be a cost effective alternative or re-carpet using a cost effective foam backed option.
(9) Clean the window panes and woodwork with a good household detergent. This improves the look of the room and lets in the natural daylight.
(10) With the growing enthusiasm for buyers to use the internet to find property, photos are more important than ever. Buyers use external and internal photos to narrow down their choices.
The room needs to be staged for the shot, to ensure you get the best photos published for your property. Be very selective and only publish the BEST shots with the BEST lighting.
Get internal shots taken in day light, otherwise the windows can look like big black boxes or all you see is curtains!
2. Should you Fix your Mortgage Rate for 25 Years? Page Top
There are pros and cons to taking out an long-term fixed-rate mortgage.
On the one hand it protects borrowers from jumps in interest rates, but on the other hand it means that borrowers could lose out as fixed mortgages tend to be higher overall.

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