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  1. What is Amenorrhoea?
  2. Common symptons and when to contact your Doctor?

1. What is Amenorrhoea? Page Top
Amenorrhoea means absence of the menstrual period. The most common cause is hormonal disruption.
A menstrual cycle lasts from the first day of a period to the first day of the next. The typical cycle of an adult female is 28 days, although cycles can range between 22 and 35 days.
Amenorrhoea is a normal physiological event before puberty, during pregnancy, during lactation, and after the menopause.
2. Common symptons and when to contact your Doctor? Page Top
• Pregnancy or Possible Pregnancy
• Breast Feeding
• Sexually Active, No Precautions
• Weight Loss
• Menopausal Symptoms
• Current IUCD In Place
• Contraceptive Medication Use
• Contraceptive Change Past 3 Months
• Missed Period
• Increased Exercise
• Increased Stress

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