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  1. What is ITIL?
  2. Who is ITIL for?
  3. Why does my organisation need ITIL?
  4. What is ITIL Certification?
  5. What are the benefits of ITIL?

1. What is ITIL? Page Top
ITIL is a series of documents, originally created by the Office of Government Commerce, a governmental department in United Kingdom. These are used to help implement an efficient framework for IT Service Management.
This 'ITIL framework' essentially defines how to organize the system and network management departments within individual organisations.
The concepts within ITIL support IT service providers in the planning of consistent, documented, and repeatable processes that improve service delivery to the business.
ITIL addresses the organisational structure and skill requirements for an IT organisation by presenting a comprehensive set of management procedures.
2. Who is ITIL for? Page Top
Information technology service providers, IT directors and managers, Business Analysts, Business Managers and any organisation that depends on IT Services.
ITIL is not just about a one-off implementation project.
It is a continuous process of evolution for the service desk, with the advantage that even the most mature operations can still take their service to the next level.
3. Why does my organisation need ITIL? Page Top
- Access to many templates, checklists and guidance documents.
- To rely on tried and tested processes.
- ITIL helps keep costs in the organisation to a minimum.
- To segregate non-technical staff from having to get too involved in technical support issues.
- To better measure technical support performance.
- To assign the most appropriate resources for different tasks.
4. What is ITIL Certification? Page Top
There are three levels of certification:
1. The Foundation Certificate enables people to understand the terminology used within ITIL. It focuses upon foundation knowledge with regard to the ITIL Service Support and Service Delivery sets.
2. The Practitionerís Certificate is a qualification on the specific disciplines within the ITIL Service Support or Service Delivery set, including customer and IT organisation communication.
3. The Managerís Certificate is aimed at experienced professionals, who will be involved in the management of service management functions.
5. What are the benefits of ITIL? Page Top
The two top benefits experienced by users are improved response times through clearer processes and better perception of IT service throughout the organisation.
Other benefits are better staff motivation, reduced costs, better process transparency and improved audit trail.

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