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Organic Knowledgebase and Glossary

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Yellow Chile Pepper A family of chile peppers that are grown in various shades of yellow. Most of the yellow peppers are sweet and mild to slightly hot in flavour.
Among the varieties of yellow chiles are the Hungarian wax pepper, the Santa Fe grande chile, and the banana chile.
Yellow Tomato A variety of tomato that is large and round with a yellow skin that is smooth and somewhat firm to the touch.
It is sweeter tasting than the red variety, due to the increased sugar content, and is often used with red globe tomatoes to add color to a salad or food dish.
Yellow Wax Bean A type of snap bean or string bean that is very similar to a green bean except for the yellow colour.
This bean is picked at the early or immature stage of development, when it is tender, sweet and crisp, and eaten with the pod on.

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