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Organic Knowledgebase and Glossary

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Leek Leeks are generally considered to have a finer flavour than the common onion.
Once established in the garden, leeks are hardy; many varieties can be left in the ground during the winter to be harvested as needed.
Legumes Legumes include lupins, chickpeas, peas, beans, lentils, vetch, clovers, soybeans, soya products and peanuts.
Legumes can contain high levels of cadmium and lead, and there are limits set by the European Commission of how much of these substances legumes can contain.
Lettuce Lettuce, a cool-season vegetable crop, is one of the easiest to grow. Lettuce is best planted in succession, or using different varieties that mature at different times.
Logs A log pile left to rot down gives a home to frogs, spiders, millipedes, centipedes, ground beetles and when well rotted will be inhabited by wood feeding creatures.

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