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Organic Knowledgebase and Glossary

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Fences Fences in gardens can be used as frames for climbers such as russian vine, clematis, roses and honeysuckle.
The addition of ivy with its thick, evergreen growth providing all year round shelter, ensures the transformation of an uninteresting structure into a wildlife haven.
Fennel Fennel is a highly aromatic perennial herb, erect, glaucous green, and grows to 2 m tall. Fennel is widely cultivated both in and outside of its native range for its edible, strongly flavoured leaves and seeds.
Many egg, fish, and other dishes employ fresh or dried fennel leaves. Florence fennel is a key ingredient in some Italian and German salads, often tossed with chicory and avocado.
Dried fennel seed is an aromatic, anise-flavored spice; brown or green in color, they slowly turn a dull grey as the seed ages (for cooking, green seeds are optimal).
Free Range Farming A system of farming poultry which allows the birds to freely roam rather than confining them.
French Green Bean A small snap green or yellow bean that is long and straight in shape, tender in texture, yet crisp and very tasty.

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