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Organic Knowledgebase and Glossary

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Dandelion While the dandelion is considered a weed by many gardeners, the plant does have several culinary and medicinal uses. Dandelions are grown commercially at a small scale as a leaf vegetable.
The plant can be eaten cooked or raw in various forms, such as in soup or salad. They are probably closest in character to mustard greens.
Dandelion flowers can be used to make dandelion wine. The leaves are high in vitamin A, vitamin C and iron, containing more iron than spinach.
Digestive Enzymes Naturally occuring proteins that are contained within foods or liquid and tablet supplements manufactured for the purpose of improving digestion.
Fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, and other foods contain valuable proteins that help the body produce proteins for use in breaking down complex sugars within many foods.
Dill An herb belonging to the parsley family with fine, feathery leaves. Like most herbs, dill has the best flavor when used fresh, but dried dill is often used when fresh is not available.
Dill is used in many dishes, but it works especially well with fish recipes. It can also be used as an attractive garnish.

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