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Understandability The capability of the software product to enable the user to understand whether the software is suitable, and how it can be used for particular tasks and conditions of use.
Unit testing The testing of individual software components
Unreachable code Code that cannot be reached and therefore is impossible to execute.
Unstructured Decisions This type of decision situation is complex and no standard solutions exist for resolving the situation. Some or all of the structural elements of the decision situation are undefined, ill-defined or unknown.
Usability The capability of the software to be understood, learned, used and attractive to the user when used under specified conditions.
Use case testing A black box test design technique in which test cases are designed to execute user scenarios.
User acceptance testing Formal testing conducted to enable a user, customer or other authorised entity to determine whether to accept a system or component.
User test A test whereby real-life users are involved to evaluate the usability of a component or system.
User-Friendly An evaluative term for a System's user interface. The phrase indicates that users judge the user interface as to easy to learn, understand, and use.

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