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KBS Knowledge-Based System.
Key Performance Indicator The measurable quantities against which specific Performance Criteria can be set.
Knowledge Knowledge refers to what one knows and understands.
Knowledge Acquisition The gathering of expertise from a human expert for entry into an expert system.
Knowledge Representation The notation or formalism used for coding the knowledge to be stored in a knowledge-based system.
Knowledge base The encoded knowledge for an expert system. In a rule-based expert system, a knowledge base typically incorporates definitions of attributes and rules along with control information.
Knowledge engineering The process of codifying an expert's knowledge in a form that can be accessed through an expert system.
Knowledge-Based System A domain specific knowledge base combined with an inference engine that processes knowledge encoded in the knowledge base to respond to a user's request for advice.
Known Error An incident or problem for which the root cause is known and for which a temporary Work-around or a permanent alternative has been identified.

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