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Genetic Algorithms Search procedures that use the mechanics of natural selection and natural genetics. It uses evolutionary techniques, based on function optimization and artificial intelligence, to develop a solution.
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) A support system which represents data using maps.
Glass box testing Testing based on an analysis of the internal structure of the component or system.
Goal A designated attribute: determining the values of one or more goal attributes is the objective of interacting with a rule based expert system.
The solution that the program is trying to reach.
Goal directed The process of determining the value of a goal by looking for rules that can conclude the goal. Attributes in the premise of such rules may be made subgoals for further search if necessary.
Graphical User Interface (GUI) A type of display format that enables the user to choose commands, start programs, and see lists of files and other options by pointing to pictorial representations (icons) and lists of menu items on the screen.

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