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Failure A fault, if encountered, may cause a failure, which is a deviation of the software from its expected delivery or service
Fault A manifestation of an error in software (also known as a defect or a bug)
Firing a rule A rule fires when the if part (premise) is proven to be true. If the rule incorporates an else component, the rule also fires when the if part is proven to be false.
Fit for purpose testing Validation carried out to demonstrate that the delivered system can be used to carry out the tasks for which it was acquired.
Forward chaining Applying a set of previously determined facts to the rules in a knowledge base to see if any of them will fire.
Full Release All components of the Release unit that are built, tested, distributed and implemented together. See also delta Release.
Functional specification The document that describes in detail the characteristics of the product with regard to its intended capability.
Fuzzy variables and fuzzy logic Variables that take on multiple values with various levels of certainty and the techniques for reasoning with such variables.

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