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Data Definition An executable statement where a variable is assigned a value
Data Definition C-use coverage The percentage of data definition C-use pairs in a component exercised by a test case suite
Data Definition C-use pair A data definition and computation data use, where the data use uses the value defined in the data definition
Data Dictionary A database about data and database structures. A catalog of all data elements, containing their names, structures, and information about their usage.
Data Flow Testing Testing in which test cases are designed based on variable usage within the code
Data Mining Extraction of useful information from data sets. Data mining serves to find information that is hidden within the available data.
Data Use En executable statement where the value of a variable is accessed
Debugging The process of finding and removing the causes of failures in software
Decision A program point at which the control flow has two or more alternative routes
The choice of one from among a number of alternatives; a statement indicating a commitment to a specific course of action.
Decision Condition A condition within a decision
Decision Coverage The percentage of decision outcomes exercised by a test case suite
Decision Outcome The result of a decision which therefore determines the control flow alternative taken
Delta Release A delta, or partial, Release is one that includes only those CIs within the Release unit that have actually changed or are new since the last full or delta Release.
For example, if the Release unit is the program, a Delta Release contains only those modules that have changed, or are new, since the last Full Release of the program or the last delta Release of certain modules.
Dempster-Shafer Theory A belief maintenance system that considers evidence from a number of sources, maintains information on the evidence, and combines the pieces of evidence to produce a decision.
Depth first search. A search strategy that backtracks through all of the rules in a knowledge base that could lead to determining the value of the attribute that is the current goal or subgoal.
Descriptive Model Physical, conceptual or mathematical models that describe situations as they are or as they actually appear.
Design Based Testing Designing tests based on objectives derived from the architectural or detail design of the software. This is excellent for testing the worst case behaviour of algorithms
Design specification A document specifying the test conditions (coverage items) for a test item, the detailed test approach and identifying the associated high level test cases.
Desk Checking The testing of software by the manual simulation of its execution
Deterministic Model Mathematical models that are constructed for a condition of assumed certainty. The models assume there is only one possible result (which is known) for each alternative course or action.
Dirty Testing Testing which demonstrates that the system under test does not work
Domain Expert A person who has expertise in a specific problem domain.
Downtime Total period that a service or component is not operational, within an agreed service times.

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