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OTFE On The Fly file Encryption
On demand encryption tools that allow you to encrypt single files for those one-off occasions when you need encryption.
OU An organizational unit is an Active Directory container object used within domains.
An OU is a logical container into which users, security and distribution groups, computers, printers, and other organizational units are placed.
Older systems Older systems might not support security configurations without an upgrade. If these systems are not upgraded, the risk of a security breach is greater than it is for newer systems.
On with no exceptions Windows Firewall can be configured to allow unsolicited incoming traffic to provide server services.
However, if a security issue is discovered in one or more of the listening services or applications that are running on the computer, you can switch into a client-only mode, which is called ôOn with no exceptions.ö
Switching into this client-only mode configures Windows Firewall to prevent unsolicited inbound traffic without having to reconfigure the firewall.
When in this mode, all static ports are closed and any existing connections are dropped.
Viruses, worms, and attackers look for services to exploit. When in this operational mode, Windows Firewall helps to prevent such types of attacks from succeeding.
Open source Computer software that has been developed in a collaborative way by volunteers on a non-commercial basis.
OpenDNS OpenDNS runs free DNS servers available to anyone, and if you register you can customize how it behaves.

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