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ICO The Information Commissioner's Office is the UK's independent authority set up to promote access to official information and to protect personal information.
IDS An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a system that watches for possible intrusions on a network or system, from a variety of sources, using multiple layers.
It can, for example, be a gateway to a full network, and monitor incoming packets for any potential virus, worms, exploit, or look for specific strings inside the communication, to any host inside the network.
It can also be a software program, run on a web server, and monitor every database connection for possible attacks.
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force is the body that defines the standards underlying the internet.
IIS Lockdown The IIS Lockdown Wizard works by turning off unnecessary features, thereby reducing the attack surface available to attackers.
The wizard gives you the ability to remove or disable IIS services such as HTTP, FTP, SMTP, and NNTP.
IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identification: a unique serial number built into GSM mobile phones. *#06# on your phone to find out its IMEI number.
IPSec IP Security: IPSec provides security for transmission of sensitive information over unprotected networks such as the Internet.
IPSec acts at the network layer, protecting and authenticating IP packets between participating IPSec devices.
IPSec filters Block all ports except the specific ports needed for server applications by using IPSec port filters.
To harden IIS servers use IPSec filters to block all inbound communications except inbound traffic on TCP Port 80 and Port 443.
ISO/IEC 27000-series The series provides best practice recommendations on information security management, risks and controls within the context of an overall Information Security Management System (ISMS).
ISSA The Information Systems Security Association is an international organisation of information security professionals and practitioners.
Identity Theft Identity Theft occurs when sufficient information about an identity is obtained to facilitate Identity Fraud, irrespective of whether, in the case of an individual, the victim is alive or dead.
Identity Fraud occurs when a False Identity or someone elseƆs identity details are used to support criminal activity.
Information security The art and science of protecting computers and data from misuse.
Integer overflow An integer overflow occurs when an arithmetic operation attempts to create a numeric value that is larger than can be represented within the available storage space.
Internal network layer Hardware or software firewalls, or both, and virtual private networks that use quarantine procedures.
Internal threat Internal compromise of systems, either malicious or accidental, accounts for a high percentage of attacks. Attackers usually find their attacks easier to perform if they have internal access to the network.
Internet Security The prevention of unauthorized access and/or damage to computer systems via internet access.
Most security measures involve data encryption and passwords.

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