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DPA The Data Protection Act gives individuals certain rights regarding information held about them.
It places obligations on those who process information while giving rights to those who are the subject of that data. Personal information covers both facts and opinions about the individual.
Decision A Decision is either a validated assumption or an answered question.
Decision log This is used to log all project decisions. The answers to questions are logged as decisions. When Working Assumptions are ratified as decisions, they are logged.
Dependencies Dependencies are relationships between tasks.
A Dependency is a recognition that one task relies on another task in some way.
Direct Cost Direct costs (labour, material, and other direct costs) that can be consistently related to work performed on a particular activity.
Direct costs are best contrasted with indirect costs that cannot be identified to a specific activity.
Directive Controls These controls are designed to ensure that a particular outcome is achieved.
They are particularly important when it is critical that an undesirable event is avoided - typically associated with Health and Safety or with security.
Examples of this type of control would be to include a requirement that protective clothing be worn during the performance of dangerous duties, or that staff be trained with required skills.
Disaster Recovery Planning A series of processes that focus only upon the recovery processes, principally in response to physical disasters.
Downtime Total period that a service or component is not operational, within an agreed service times.

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