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Sales Particulars (Scotland) The brochure containing photos and a description of the property, prepared and circulated by the selling agents.
They usually also contain details of any furniture, etc, is to be included in the price and the purchase price.
Searches Your solicitor will organize these to ensure that the property is not affected by any local authority plans, which would be detrimental to the value of a property, such as road widening or land infills etc.
Semi-Detached A property which is joined to one other house.
Sole Agency This is an estate agency term where you receive a better percentage rate from the agency for its services if you only use that agency to sell your house, rather than go through other agencies as well.
In Scotland, it is prohibited to use more than one agent.
Stamp Duty A scaled levy imposed by the Government payable on properties over a certain value.
Studio Flat A flat consisting of one main room or open-plan living area incorporating cooking and sleeping facilities and a separate bathroom/shower room.
Survey An inspection of the property carried out by a qualified Surveyor. There are generally three types of survey: Building society survey, House Buyer's Report & Valuation & Full structural survey.
Surveyor Professionally-qualified expert who carries out the survey.

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