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National House Builders Council Certificate (N.H.B.C.C.) National House Builders Council Certificate. Introduced in the early 70's, and is a 10-year guarantee against structural faults after the property has been built.
Negative Equity When the value of the mortgage which is outstanding on the property, is more than the market value of the property.
New Town Free-standing new settlement designated and planned under the New Towns Act 1946 and subsequent legislation.
Note of Interest (Scotland) Your solicitor will note an interest for you formally by contacting the selling agents and intimating your interest in the property.
It is then professional courtesy on the part of the selling agents to formally advise all parties who have noted an interest through their solicitors once a closing date has been set.
The sellers are not however obliged to set a closing date and may accept an offer from any party at any time.

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