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VMD Veterinary Medicines Directorate
Vaccination Where very small numbers of birds are reared it is impractical and too expensive to carry out a vaccination programme, this is why it is so important to rear pullets to the very best standards of health and hygiene.
Strong healthy birds build up greater disease immunity and less problems will occur during the laying period, unlike poorly reared birds, who are more likely to get an infection or suffer from reproductive disorders.
Variety within a breed There may be specific variations known as varieties - For example, a Golden Laced Wyandotte and a Silver Laced Wyandotte.
Vaseline - Scaley Leg Treatment of scaley leg is simple, with the use of Vaseline or Protocon Ointment. This should be well massaged into the legs and feet, then bandaged with lint.
Remove the bandage after 7 days and you will surprised at the amount of debris it has drawn out.
If the condition is not too bad then simply massage again with either ointment, and again 7 days later. This will ensure that all the eggs are killed.
For the first seven days of treatment, place your birds on a multivitamin solution tonic in the water to help them over any stress.
Prevention: The mites are easily destroyed by a thorough disinfection programme of the house including the perches.
Vent The outside opening of the hen, through which the egg and droppings are expelled, they do come from separate channels.
A mucky backside can be a sign of problems. Check around the vent area for parasite investation.
Ventilation Correct ventilation is vital to prevent the build-up of bacteria and condensation. It should be located near the roof to ensure there are no draughts. It is more difficult keeping the house cool than warm.
Square mesh is best used on the window and ventilation reas as it is fox proof.
During extreme winter conditions hang Hessian over the inlets/outlet to baffle any piercing winds.
Viruses Viral infections can affect the intestines of poultry. Duck Virus Enteritis is sometimes seen, and has resulted in large losses across Europe and Asia.
Vulture Hocks Stiff quill feather growing in the thigh.

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