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OEG - Old English Game OEG_Spangled OEG_Silver_Duckwing
OEPF - Old English Pheasant Fowl Old_English_Pheasant_Fowl
Organic Eggs Eggs from hens fed rations having ingredients that were grown without pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or commercial fertilizers. No commercial laying hen rations ever contain hormones.
Due to higher production costs and lower volume per farm, organic eggs are more expensive than eggs from hens fed conventional feed. The nutrient content of eggs is not affected by whether or not the ration is organic.
Orpingtons White_Orpingtons Buff_Orpingtons
Ovary The organ of the female which holds the true eggs and produces the yolks on which the true eggs are located.
Oviduct The organ in the hen which accepts the yolk after ovulation, where the egg is completed.
It puts the albumen, shell membranes, and the shell of the avian egg around the yolk.
Oviposition Laying of the hen's egg.
Ovulation Release of the egg yolk from the hen's ovary.
Ovum The female germ cell; plural form is ova.

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